How to correctly choose and buy a home safe

With the improvement of people’s living standards and safety awareness, the social demand for civilian safes has soared, and home safes have become a development trend.

From the storage of soft data such as CD-ROM data, real estate certificates, stamps, calligraphy and painting, securities, bank deposit receipts, to the physical storage of computer notebooks, cameras, watches, antiques, gold and silver jewelry, etc., the storage range is more extensive and diverse sex.

As a modern home safe, in addition to the original insurance function, the fashionable appearance has also become the reason why people buy it. So how to choose a home safe?

1. Size requirements: The choice of size mainly considers two aspects. The first is to measure the size of the items that need to be stored. In particular, the maximum size of the length, width, and height of the items to be stored should be considered to match the box; the second is compliance The location of the safe is required. Generally, the depth of the safe installed on the wall does not exceed 20 cm, and the depth of the closet does not exceed the depth of the closet (the standard for the depth of the closet is 60 cm).

2. Anti-theft performance: Anti-theft performance is an important indicator for measuring safes. In addition to the perceptual knowledge of the brand, the steel plate thickness, material and lock selection of key parts should be compared. The most direct way is to check the product test report.

3. Usage habits: The dependence of usage habits is mainly the choice of locks by consumers. Safe locks are mainly mechanical and electronic. The main feature of the mechanical type is the traditional use method, which is easily accepted by general consumers, but it is difficult to change the password. Electronic passwords are more convenient to replace, and can achieve more functions. At present, the market is favored.

4. After-sales service: After-sales service is the guarantee to ensure the normal use of the product. The after-sales service of safe deposit boxes is currently largely dependent on local sellers. Whether they can provide quality services is mainly through the perceptual knowledge of the brand, the coverage of the sales network, subsequent service commitments, and the performance of the purchase process can all be seen on the sale. The quality of post-service.

5. Product cost performance: It is not the price but the value that determines the cost of the safe. The key is the brand. A good brand itself already comes with high-quality products and good services. Of course, using the comparison method is also a way to choose a product that you are relatively satisfied with and compare the price differences between other brands to measure. However, it is more reasonable to choose a product with a high level of security when the price is not much different.