The impact of soaring freight rates on China’s manufacturing industry

At present, when sea containers are shipped from Chinese ports, it is not uncommon for a 40-foot container to be transported to the United States, and the freight has reached 20,000 U.S. dollars, which has increased by more than 500% compared with last year. In fact, not only the freight rates between China and the United States have increased on a large scale, but the freight rates between China and Europe have also risen sharply. The freight rate for 40-foot containers has already exceeded US$10,000.

For example, the value of furniture imported by the United States from China is basically equivalent to ocean freight, and some are even 10% more expensive than ocean freight. The high freight charges have forced some importers to hesitate to place orders.

In addition to the unbelievable high sea freight, the number of Covid-19 cases has rebounded, and the epidemic prevention and control measures have become more stringent, all of which have had an impact on manufacturing production, further suppressing demand, and increasing the difficulty of input product supply. Regarding this situation, our Dingfa Safe, as a Chinese safe manufacturer, feels the same. Although the company has made a plan, it still feels a lot of pressure.

Due to the shortage of containers, the uncertainty of export of goods has increased. Some goods have been backlogged for several months and the financial pressure is very high. In addition, the long freight cycle has made it difficult to take orders rashly.