The pursuit of long-term vision and goals is the golden rule for success

At Dingfa Safe, we believe that persisting in self-discipline and pursuing long-term vision and goals is the golden rule for success.

As far as Dingfa Safe is concerned, it is gratifying to accomplish a small goal in our career, but we should not be complacent because of this. With a bigger picture in mind and setting more ambitious goals, only the momentary achievements can be accumulated into the highest achievements.

With ambitious goals, the next step is to rely on unremitting actions to implement the blueprint, and we must start right away. Don’t wait until everything is ready to start, just like when we decided to produce safes back then, although the conditions were not very mature, But we started acting immediately, because in the real world, there is no perfect starting time, opportunities are fleeting, and waiting means to miss. On the contrary, continuous action will help us to continuously calibrate the direction and correct the errors, and finally achieve the perfect result. Formally due to our original decision and persistent pursuit, we now have our four major production systems for safes, gun cabinets, steel furniture and vault doors. The development is gratifying.