A clear goal is a strong fulcrum for leveraging success

First, the goal must be measurable. Management master Drucker once said: “If you can’t quantify it, then you can’t manage it.” Although many people are disgusted by digital indicators, it does make goals clear and controllable, and everything is in order.

Second, the goal must be realistic. The process of setting goals is an objective judgment and scientific call of one’s own abilities and resources. It’s not good to be far-sighted, don’t underestimate yourself, start by completing small goals one by one, and grand plans will eventually come true.

Third, the goal must be time-sensitive. A goal without time limit is equivalent to fantasy. Set a deadline for each task in order to fully stimulate potential and achieve results.

Fourth, the goal should be relatively stable. Once the goal is determined, it must be persevering and cannot be changed day by day. Of course, in the face of rapidly changing internal and external environments, you can fine-tune it in due course.