Thinking of Dingfa Safe in the Era of Customization and Personalization

Today, young people all over the world like the IKEA brand. A market researcher in the United States once conducted such a survey. Invited participants can choose to buy IKEA furniture for self-assembly, or buy exactly the same finished furniture. The results show that more than 67% of participants choose to buy self-assembled furniture. In all cases, people would rather spend more money, but also choose products that have their own labor crystallization. This is the brand premium and the ultimate weapon against commodification.

This interesting phenomenon reflects a trend-that is, the younger generation, especially those born in the 90s, pay more and more attention to self-expression and self-realization. They no longer worship those “cold” brands, and no longer like the same popular faces. Instead, they emphasize the sense of participation and affinity. They want the brand to be the person who knows them best, interacts with them, and build together and exports their own labels. And solution

An era of customization and personalization has come. How to adapt to this era, enhance the attractiveness of products, and maintain the steady operation of the company is a question that everyone in our Dingfa Safe has to think about.