The impact of China’s electricity and production restrictions on the safes industry

The impact of China’s electricity and production restrictions on the safes industry.

With the further implementation of China’s “dual energy consumption control” policy recently, the scope of China’s power restriction and production restriction has significantly expanded. More listed companies have released announcements to disclose related impacts. In addition to high-energy-consuming industries such as steel, cement, and chemical industries, even photovoltaic industries have also begun to be affected, and there is even a “dual control” across the board in some regions.

Companies and related industrial chains have been affected.

The prices of raw materials such as steel, cement, aluminum, and yellow phosphorus have risen due to production restrictions that stimulate supply. The prices of some products have risen linearly recently, hitting record highs. In the downstream, price transmission has increased production costs. In addition, the supply cycle has begun to lengthen, and the pressure on order delivery has increased.

For example, the prices of steel plates, steel coils, paint and related consumables used in the production of safe box, gun safe, steel filling cabinets and locker, and vault doors in our Dingfa safe factory have risen sharply. Production and operation have brought a lot of pressure, and the possibility of continuing to increase prices cannot be ruled out.

According to the current situation, it is recommended that customers who need to place an order should place an order as soon as possible. The earlier you place an order, the less impact you will have.