What are the advantages of steel filing cabinets over other materials

Compared with the wood, plastic, etc., steel filing cabinet often have advantages in fire resistance, reliability and environmental protection!

Dingfa steel filing cabinets are made from high-quality cold-rolled steel plates. The surface is usually sprayed with electrostatic powder and phosphated to create high strength and high hardness of steel furniture.

As a top brand file cabinet in China, Dingfa file cabinet always puts quality in the first place.

The excellent quality guarantees that the surface will not be painted off due to simple scratches or collisions, and will not cause problems such as dents. The performance and sturdiness are very good, but the price is far lower than solid wood furniture.

Although the appearance design has been changing,but the simple line design of steel filing cabinets is never outdated.

The steel file cabinets are free of glue and other bad ingredients,users do not have to worry about the problem of formaldehyde, this will ensure that your office is more healthier and more environmentally friendly.