The basic design concept of steel archives cabinets

The steel archives cabinets have become an indispensable tool for storing large amounts of documents, and now more and more companies are starting to add enough archives cabinets to their data rooms.

The basic design concept of steel archives cabinets as below:

1. The most fundamental of the design concept of the steel archives cabinets is to maximize the use of space to maximize the storage capacity. Generally, a steel archives cabinets larger than 15 cubic meters can achieve storage capacity equivalent to five times that of traditional files, and the space utilization rate is up to 80%.

2. The design of the steel archives cabinets should comply with the fire protection law, and the pedestrian aisle should reach an escape route of 80cm to 100cm.
3. The steel archives cabinets bearing is one of the issues that should be considered in the design. The load-bearing capacity of 540KG is the minimum. In real life, for example, the vibration caused by trucks should be considered.

3. If the archive room is on the second floor, the load-bearing capacity of the floor should also be considered. Generally, the minimum load-bearing capacity of a small archive room should be around 400KG/m2, and the load-bearing standard of a large archive warehouse will be higher.