Persistence is the most important factor for success in life


Persistence is the most important factor for success in life. It means: no matter what difficulties you encounter, you can still maintain firm determination and will. If you are willing to move on after a fall, you will succeed.

Persistence has a purpose. It originates from a decision and then moves towards a goal.

When you overcome difficulties and stick to your goals, people will usually support and push you behind your back.

Once the goal is set and the decision is made to achieve it, the next step is to calculate the cost. If you know in advance the time and commitment required to achieve your goals, you will not be hindered by anything later. When encountering failure or unsatisfactory, there are only two choices: give up or persist.

There are almost no shortcuts to success. But success can be achieved through hard work, and when you set goals and make promises to work hard to achieve them, even if you are tired or frustrated, sticking to the end and never giving up will lead you through everything.