Optimists focus on solving problems, rather than unhelpful faultfinding

Everyone’s life has enough good and bad to find a reasonable basis for optimism and pessimism. Choose laughing and blessing, or cryjing and cursing? It depends on which point of view we look at our lives.

An optimistic attitude is not a luxury, but a necessity. The way you look at life determines how you feel, behave, and how you get along with others.

In negative times, we are only left with critics, negators, and predictors of fate. When everyone pays attention to negligence, hope will perish. Too many people spend too much time looking down instead of looking up; too much time looking for other people’s faults. Finding fault consumes so much energy that there is no energy left to engage in positive actions.

Do you want to spend time and energy to solve problems, or create problems?

Optimism can divert our attention from sadness to positive and constructive thinking.

When you are an optimist, your focus will be on solving problems, rather than unhelpful faultfinding.