One of the key to make all your wishes come true-responsibility

Everyone should be responsible to others. Responsibility is the glue that binds the whole society together, and the social covenant that governs how we should behave with each other.
Regarding responsibility, there are the following three principles:

Principle 1: The more we have, the greater the responsibility. Everyone should use their special talents to pursue noble goals that benefit the public.

Principle 2: Without freedom, there is no responsibility.
Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the copper plate, and you can’t just take one of them. If we want people to take responsibility, we must create an environment in which they are free to take risks and make mistakes.

Principle 3: Responsibility must be evaluated.
Without some kind of customer evaluation, it is difficult for people to truly take responsibility. A fair evaluation can establish an incentive mechanism for their efforts to pay and reap rewards. Evaluation also helps us discover our true talents or abilities.