Faith-your dependence in the face of adversity

Faith allows you to rely on in the face of adversity, whether in your career or your personal life.

Faith transcends any reason. When you don’t know what to do or what will happen in the future, faith will bridge the gap.

Even in the face of death, faith allows you to choose to live on; even in distress, faith gives you the willingness to take risks.

Faith is a gift you receive, a decision you choose. Nothing can convince people with insufficient money or power like faith.

Many people have been fantasizing throughout their lives that as long as there is enough money or power, all problems will disappear. However, when these people get wealth, they will soon find that money can solve very few problems.

Money cannot buy inner peace, cannot heal broken relationships, and cannot give meaning to an otherwise meaningless life.

Real wealth comes from the hands of God, and real happiness comes from belief in God.