Entrepreneurs should have “four self-confidence”

The first one is political self-confidence. I have read a report about Li Ka-shing’s family. Li Ka-shing’s son was originally a major shareholder of Tencent because he was short on China and began to clean up, selling Chinese things and selling Tencent stocks. Lost more than 100 billion U.S. dollars, so the world’s richest man can’t get him in his round. This is a bloody lesson. Entrepreneurs must learn to talk about politics and stay in line with the country.

The second is cultural self-confidence. He must have faith. First, he must straighten out and understand the business principles, and then learn to respect culture, fear culture, and fear the people of the world. And your self-confidence starts from believing in its existence, believing that people are valuable.

The third is to behave confidently, dare to speak boldly, and not to violate the rules of heaven and not to provoke public anger.

Fourth, ability confidence, you must have superb governance ability and decision-making ability, if you often make mistakes, no prestige, the following will not listen to you, if there is no governance ability to support you, often fooled by the following, you are also finished. You have both. You can sit there and show no anger, and he will be willing to worship you as his master.