The difference between file cabinets and confidential cabinets


There are many types of steel office furniture, and their functions are also different. Many people confuse file cabinets with confidential cabinets, but in fact there are obvious different. The differences between file cabinets and confidential cabinets are as follows:

1. The file cabinet is a relatively conventional and common storage device, which is placed in the office to facilitate our access to files at any time.The confidential cabinet, as the name implies, is more confidential. There is a special maintenance and management system. The confidential cabinet has a built-in recording smart chip, and each use will have specific application records, such as opening time, use time, and lock time.

2. There are many sizes of file cabinets, large and small, wide and narrow, which can be designed according to their actual needs, and the files stored are relatively limited. Confidential cabinets are usually large cabinets, which are deeper than regular file cabinets. Of course, the storage capacity is much higher than that of file cabinets. They are suitable for storing secret documents that are not very commonly used but are important.


3. File cabinets are generally lighter and thinner, and the design structure is relatively simple. Under normal circumstances, a file cabinet made of 0.5mm cold-rolled steel plate can already meet daily use. But the security cabinet is different. In order to ensure the tightness and safety of the archives and long-term storage, at least 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plates must be used in terms of materials. Usually double-layer or multilayer structure.

4. Many common file cabinets still use traditional locks, which can be easily opened with a key. This type of lock has poor security and is easy to be opened. Confidential file cabinets generally use mechanical password locks, fingerprint locks or face recognition locks, which are more intelligent , the security is very high,no need to worry about passwords being cracked