Competition is a positive energy to promote business

Competition is a positive energy to promote business

Just like the survival of the fittest in nature, competition is an inevitable product of the business world, and it is also a positive energy to promote business progress. It is hard to imagine that this world has only Coca-Cola without Pepsi, only BMW without Mercedes-Benz, or only Wal-Mart without Carrefour. The birth of excellent records is always in each other’s competition. Competition, everywhere around us, also makes the world richer and more diverse.

For us, competition is more like a mirror than an opponent.

It is a mirror for reference. We can perceive our own speed from the opponent’s speed, gain our own abilities with the opponent’s strengths, expand our horizons through the opponent’s experience, and know ourselves and the enemy in the competition, and therefore become stronger, more complete, and unique.

It is also a mirror of integrity. Open competition can give everyone a fair chance and earn rewards for honest efforts, while opportunism cannot last long. Therefore, we do not need to care about the gains and losses of the moment, let alone the improper attacks from the outside world. As long as you persist in honesty and trustworthiness and hone your real strength, you will surely win the final game and respect.

Recognizing and accepting competition is an important lesson for our career growth. I look forward to everyone embracing the feeling of competition, enjoying the fun of competition, and constantly surpassing dreams in the process of harvesting and growing.