Dingfa Safe’s Time Concept

Dingfa Safe’s Time Concept

Time is the most important resource. There is only the time that we cannot rent, borrow or buy, let alone get it in other ways.

The supply of time is not flexible at all. No matter how great the demand for time is, the supply will never increase. There is no price to adjust the supply and demand of time, nor can it draw a marginal utility curve. Moreover, time is fleeting and cannot be stored at all. Yesterday’s time has passed and will never come back again. Therefore, time is always the shortest.

There is no substitute for time. If a certain resource is lacking within a certain range, another resource can be found to replace it. For example, if there is less aluminum, copper can be used instead; labor can be replaced by capital. We can increase knowledge and manpower, but nothing can replace the lost time.

All in all, time is the rarest resource. If you don’t manage your time well, it’s just empty talk if you want to manage other things well.

“Know yourself” is a wise philosophical saying, for most of us, it is really difficult to understand. However, “knowing your time” is something anyone can do as long as they are willing to do it. This is the road to contribution and effectiveness.