Dingfa safes intelligent production equipment

Intelligent production can better improve production efficiency and product accuracy, and greatly improve the production cycle and quality of products. In the production process of our safes, gun cabinets, confidential cabinets and file cabinets, we have a lot of These intelligent devices are applied.

Fully automatic laser cutting machine, precise cutting size, precise cutting hole position, everything is done by the machine autonomously;

CNC bending machine, perfect control of the bending angle, fully meet the requirements of disassembly and assembly;

High-precision shearing machine, machine control, precise cutting of plates;

One-time forming machine for doors and partitions, integrally formed to improve the yield;

Large-scale spraying line, the industry’s advanced steel plate pretreatment electrostatic spraying line, imported automatic spray gun, realize the intelligent spraying process, high efficiency and good effect.