A home safe is still very useful, how do we choose a suitable home safe?

In fact, a home safe is still very useful, so how do we choose a suitable home safe?

1. Choose the right size

The safe looks relatively large, but because it is relatively thick, the effective space is often small. It is okay to store a small amount of cash, jewelry and documents, but if you want to store large items such as laptops and SLR cameras, it may not be enough. When purchasing, you must consider different needs to choose a suitable size.

2. Choose a reliable brand

Safes need to be used for a long time. Not only must they be strong in protection, but the key components must also be reliable and durable. For example, lock cores, password components, circuit systems, etc., once a failure occurs, it will cause trouble.

3. Environmental protection

Safes must also consider environmental protection. Because of the requirements for rust prevention, moisture prevention, fire prevention, etc., the surface of the safe body often has some special chemical material coatings, and individual unqualified products are not handled well, and harmful substances will be released during use, which will endanger health. .

4. Installation method

For products with a high level of protection and self-importance, generally do not need to be installed, and can be directly placed in a secluded place. There is no way for a thief with a hundred or ten kilograms. However, most common household safes need to be installed and fixed with a special steel frame, and the safe is firmly fixed to the wall.