The safes is a special container

The safes is a special container

The safes is a special container. I believe everyone knows the reason for this! With the development of modern technology, the safe is also in rapid development, and many password safes have appeared in our eyes one after another.

Many people like to collect valuables such as famous paintings and jewellery and antiques. These things may be unique in the world or have important meaning to them. To protect these important items, safes are particularly important. Due to the special function of the safe-storage and anti-theft, special attention should be paid when choosing, not just look at the appearance, nor just look at the function. We should consider all factors and choose the safe for us.

The lock of the safes is very important. If the traditional structure is a face, then the lock is an important point. Destroying the lock is equivalent to destroying the heart of the anti-theft mechanism. A good lock can effectively prevent damage. Look at the selection of steel plates again, and distinguish from the thickness, material, and origin of the steel plates. These are related to the ability of the safe to withstand the use of special tools such as electric drills and cutting. Finally, check whether the cabinet body is formed at one time, check the gap between the cabinet door and the door frame and whether the switch is flexible. If the gap is too large, the anti-pry function will be weakened. For a fire-resistant safe, too large a gap is never allowed.

Dingfa Safe is a well-known safes brand in China. The lock core is safe, and the safes is safer, with strong weldability, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and no deformation. China product CSP certification and high security level B safe certification level.

The internal space design, multi-layer storage, suitable for people who need to store a lot of valuables, bypassing life in an orderly manner. Using composite refractory materials, the fireproof and anti-theft performance is even better.

As the saying goes, “There is no best, only the most suitable”, the same is true when buying a safe. Only after having a certain understanding of the technical indicators of the safe, can it be more clearly realized what kind of safe is suitable.