Dingfa safe shares with you how to choose a safe

Dingfa safe shares with you how to choose a safe

Why do I need a home safe at home?

With the improvement of people’s quality of life and the improvement of family income, many people will have cash and some valuable jewelry in their hands. Moreover, for some office workers, they spend most of their time in the company and sometimes have to go out on business trips. The valuables at home are not guaranteed to be safe. For work peace of mind and peace of mind when going out, the home safe is already an indispensable little housekeeper at home. In order to better take care of our important items, how should we choose a high-quality home safe?

Choice of  home safe:

1. Look at the use environment. Before we choose a safe, we should consider where to place the safe. According to the location of the safe, we can choose different safes. There are several places where it is commonly placed. For example, placed in a closet or bedside table, these safes usually need to be customized according to the size. There are also those that are put into the wall. This kind of size needs to be considered before the decoration of the new home, so as not to open holes again after the decoration. It is common to put it in the room. This kind of safe is generally larger in size, available before 60~150cm, is not easy to be moved, and has better anti-theft performance.

2. Look at the function of the safe The more the safe has the function, the better the anti-theft performance of the safe. Household safes on the market generally have functions such as electronic password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, and automatic alarms. Some safes also have fireproof, magnetic, and waterproof functions to prevent accidents from causing damage to the contents of the safe, so we can choose home safes according to our actual needs.

3. Look at the locks of safes. The locks of household safes on the market are generally divided into mechanical locks and electronic locks. The mechanical lock is to open the safe by rotating the password disk, and the electronic lock is to open the safe by entering a combination of numbers. In addition to these two locks, there are credit card safes and fingerprint safes on the market, as well as the combination of these types of unlocking methods. The specific unlocking method to choose depends on which unlocking method you use. It’s easier and more convenient.