What is the safe of a star hotel?

We often go outside for business and travel, and we cannot avoid staying in hotels. In general star-rated safe hotels, there are hotel safes for guests to use. Because some customers often bring some important documents and notebooks when they go out to work, the hotel safe can protect the documents and important items of these guests.

Is the hotel safes safe?

When many people check into the hotel, they are worried about whether the hotel safe is safe or anti-theft? Before putting your belongings in the safe, you can try to enter the administrator mode and enter the possible default unboxing password to check whether the hotel has reset the password; check whether the safe is installed on a fixed object such as a table or wall To prevent the thief from removing the safe as a whole; set a more complicated password.

How should the hotel manage the hotel safe to protect the safety of customers’ property?

Due to the relatively strong mobility of residents as a residence, some people will forget to clear the password lock or even take out their belongings when checking out. In these cases, the hotel must find a way to open the safe, and its function and integrity cannot be broken. Therefore, the manufacturer of the safe specially set up an administrator mode. However, after investigation, many star-rated hotels did not reset the initial password of the safe when they bought the safe, which may cause the safe to be opened easily. Some hotel safes on the market also record the opening and closing of doors into the built-in chip, which can better manage the hotel safes.

It is better to be careful when you are away from home. Dingfa Safe wishes everyone a happy work, safe and healthy, and hopes that the epidemic will disappear soon.