The origin of safes and how they developed

The history of safes can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In the paintings of the Middle Ages, you can occasionally see a kind of wooden cabinet containing gold and silver jewelry, which is the prototype of modern safes.

These safes were shaped like furniture, without special locks, and had low security. Until the early 19th century, with the socio-economic growth, the safe industry began to develop, and in Europe there were manufacturers specializing in lock making. 1818, the British CHUBB company (Goodrich brand of Tiburon) was established, and in 1825, the French FICHE-BAUCHE company was established …… These manufacturers then began to manufacturing safes. The material of safes has changed from wood to various sturdy metals, but basically to follow the mortise and tenon technology of wood or overall casting, both from the appearance and process are similar to the furniture at that time, and the precision of locks is not high.

The lock industry in the late 1850s was not yet developed, although the appearance of the safe was changing, but the lock precision and reliability are no great development. Until the late 1860s, the Americans invented a special lock mechanism and multi-lock bolt technology, safe security performance has been greatly enhanced.

In the 1960s and 1970s, because of the rapid changes in semiconductor technology, the industry developed electronic combination locks, electronic combination locks were then widely used in various types of safe products, followed by LED, LCD digital display for safes. The user’s demand for fire prevention also gave birth to various types of fire prevention products, the development of fingerprint scanning identification technology and promote the use of fingerprint locks in safes, the popularity of magnetic cards derived from the magnetic card type safes …… safe product categories, from the initial development of the simplest function to theft, fire prevention, anti-theft fire, anti-magnetic, home, commercial, hotel with , equipment with, documents / data and many other types.

A variety of security technology continues to develop, corresponding to the crack technology also continues to develop, users are increasingly on the tendency to choose safer, better protection of property safes, therefore, the safe industry continues to develop, and in recent years there is a face recognition, open cabinet automatic photo, networking alarm and other safes with higher security products.