Only pay for the core value of the product

A refrigerator, the appearance is beautiful, the design is new, but it does not keep fresh, not refrigeration, you will buy? A computer, the configuration is high, but no Internet access, you will buy? A safe, the surface is shiny, the interior is luxurious, the opening method is cool, but the actual neither fire nor theft, will you buy?

The lock is equivalent to the heart of the safe, a truly safe, the lock should also be after the harsh fire and theft certification, UL standards is the world’s most authoritative body engaged in safety testing and identification.

Can not help but remember a kangaroo escape joke:.
There zookeepers found kangaroos escaped from the cage. So they met to discuss and agreed that the height of the cage was too low. So they decided to increase the height of the cage from the original ten meters to twenty meters. The next day they found that the kangaroos still ran outside, so they decided to raise the height to thirty meters again, but the next day they actually saw the kangaroos running outside again, so the managers were very nervous and decided to do nothing and raise the height of the cage to one hundred meters. The giraffe and a few kangaroos were chatting, and the giraffe asked, “Guess, will these people continue to raise your cage?” The kangaroos said, “It’s hard to say, if they keep forgetting to close the door again!”

The splendor of the extreme returned to dull, commodities ultimately to return to the use of the essence, as the safe products, the final look at the level of security and protection performance. Advise people to rational consumption, only for the core value of the product to pay.