There is no safe in the dowry, this marriage is not happy ah!

The marriage of a man and a woman is the first major event in life. Since ancient times, before the marriage, the woman’s family to prepare the dowry is a major event in connection with the family’s glory. In ancient times, who’s daughter is married, the purchase of dowry goods when there is one thing essential, that is the camphor wood box.

When the daughter is born, plant a camphor tree in front of the door, to be used for the daughter’s wedding to do camphor box, camphor tree is also called daughter tree is also so come. So there is a “see whose daughter is not married, look at the door in front of that camphor tree or not,” the saying.

Why must send a pair of camphor boxes when getting married, on the one hand, solid is due to the special aroma of camphor wood, insect and moth-proof effect, deeper consideration is for the safekeeping of soft, jewelry, house deeds, paintings and other valuables.

The private money brought from mother’s house can be kept better. And ancient times to do camphor wood box is not so simple, in order to ensure that the camphor wood box is more robust, more secure, in addition to the lock, but also in the corner of the copper package, the process is exquisite. In ancient times, the industry is not developed, there is no safe, camphor box is similar to the present safe.

Shaoguang circulation, now young people get married, the dowry means more family wishes for the marriage of the young couple, waiting for them to love and beautiful married life. The same time also conveyed some of the father’s family way. In the past few years, the safe has gradually become popular, following the car “dowry artifacts”.

1 safe means wealth.
Wanted husband! Once as long as the rich side of the rich people can use the safe, with a safe to get married, means the bride “wangfu”. This can make the groom’s family happy. Think about it, the relatives see the dowry in such a large safe, the group “wow”, and then look at moving the dowry relatives while moving shouting “so heavy, so heavy!” The mother and father of the bride and the father and mother of the groom, how pleased the face is! There is so much face, still afraid of future mother-in-law on the daughter-in-law picky?

2 The bride is married with “money in the box”. Happy!
In many places, the girl is married, mothers and fathers will give their daughters “pressure box money”, both the daughter justified “private money”, but also “money seed” meaning. The bride and groom look at this pressure box money, of course, is a variety of happy la.

3 Live your life well. Save your mind!
After 80 90 are young people with characteristics, often due to some small rivalry tantrums, and even to divorce. And after the marriage of the young couple two economic power struggle, is the fuse of many problems. With the safe, everything is so easy, what can be put in the safe, we can handle together. The key you a I a, the code you know I know. You can’t really manage the key, I manage the code, two people together to open the safe.
If it is a fingerprint safe, it is more fun, can be set to double fingerprint form, you a finger, I a finger, open the safe together. This is more than what bank card you manage card I manage to accept the bank cell phone text message is huge. Mom no longer have to worry about me “being oppressed”.

4 storage of various objects, smooth!
With the safe, marriage certificate, real estate license, passport, bank card, SLR, wedding ring, all kinds of jewelry and so on all kinds of valuables, material documents all a “box” to get. To prevent the loss of important objects due to the loss of three or four. Especially rings and earrings and other small objects, usually if put in drawers and other places is very simple “evaporate”. A small jewelry price may be more expensive than the safe several times it! In case of loss, frustration, more trouble is the bad mood will be infected, unfortunately lost something to take the only loved ones to take out, one after another, it becomes a “world war”. With the safe, the above assumptions are not valid. The whole world is so harmonious!