What is living a life, like putting your heart in the safe

Marriage is the highlight of everyone’s life, generally speaking, we all default to this ceremony is the main character of the bride, but so think or simply absolute. A wedding is not only the union of two young people, or the merger and reorganization of two family families, which has a key role that should not be ignored, that is, the man’s mother.

The dual identity of a mother and mother-in-law makes them a complete and utter detail control, for example, they can accurately feel from the bride’s dowry, the future of the two families with each other’s tacit understanding, and all about the wedding day and decent consideration.

The man’s family is never afraid to spend money on a wedding, what is afraid of, is not lively and unpopular, their own sons grow spirit, career, marry a daughter-in-law, of course, to be prosperous and prosperous, safe, now become an essential dowry for the wedding.

Square and square, calm and steady, this is really a good fortune, relatives and friends to help in moving, while marveling at how heavy and solid ah, while thinking that this does not know how much valuable things to be loaded inside, the host family face not too proud oh, mother-in-law see more smiling mouth can not be closed.

And pick what kind of safe, but also fully reflects the woman’s family’s careful and thoughtful, so be sure to pick a brand awareness, there is a story there is a story, reliable quality features are also full, with a few decades no problem at all, reflecting the blessing of the marriage long.

Such a safe, from everyone’s happy and lively feedback, is a surprise plus that makes everyone happy. Also very much in line with our traditional culture, the woman with a camphor box to marry the wedding custom, but also reflects that no matter how the times change, the parents of the children’s future life of love and hope is consistent unchanged, decided to spend a lifetime together, is to live a good life, like the heart in the safe.