The Safe and the camphor wood cabinet

In the past, when a daughter was born at home, a camphor tree would be planted in front of the door, to be made into a box with it when married, and then a finely crafted lock, beautiful and safe, is the safekeeping of the gold and silver soft and fine, but also the blessing of this marriage.

The flow of time, now there is no condition to plant a tree for the daughter, the safe has become a new era of camphor wood box, the same is filled with a heavy love for the daughter.

With the improvement of living standards, although there is no need to store a lot of cash, but the high-value items can not be missing, real estate certificates, passports, contracts, jewelry, etc., if not properly stored, when you can not find the time to use really troublesome.

With a safe easily a place to store, in fact, is also the parents to teach their daughters to run the family, to have a good grasp of the important things, to do a good job.

Family is the security of life, and the home has a safe, is the security of the security, do not worry about theft and theft, rest assured that the home to serve their lives. Even fire accidents, the items in the safe are intact and will reduce the loss.

There are also major decisions when the safe is opened by the couple together, so there is no mutual defense and suspicion, of course, the better the day.