How to distinguish anti-theft safes from safe deposit boxes

How to distinguish anti-theft safes from safe deposit boxes

Anti-theft safe is a special furniture, generally used in banks, factories, mining enterprises, companies and other units of the financial room to store official seals, cash or some other important documents, etc..

With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, anti-theft safes have gradually entered the family use, and become an essential piece of essential furniture.

So how to buy a suitable anti-theft safe, which requires us to understand some of the basic knowledge of the safe.

1, burglarproof safe material: generally are made of steel plate.

2, burglarproof safe model: the general height of the safe for the model, such as 50cm high is 50 type, 60cm high is 60 type, 100cm high is 100 type, the higher the height of the safe width and depth will also increase.

3, anti-theft safe locking method: mechanical turntable password lock, electronic key password lock, fingerprint recognition password lock, electronic touch key plus fingerprint recognition password lock.

Anti-theft safes and safe deposit boxes are often confused with the title, collectively referred to as safes, there is a big difference between the actual.

1, look at the price, the same brand, the same size, the burglar safe and safe deposit box market price gap is very large, some even 1 times the difference between twice or more, the larger the general model gap is larger

2, look at the logo, whether the cabinet door has a certification mark, the production of burglarproof safes must meet the certification standards, third-party authority certification mark, while the safe deposit box manufacturers can set their own standards without restrictions, that is, no third-party authority certification mark.

3, look at the material, burglar safe minimum use of 6 to 10 mm steel plate to reach the national standard, cabinet door 10mm, box body 6mm, hand knocking cabinet sound is relatively crisp, with a sense of texture. The thickness of the safe deposit box generally varies from 2 to 3 mm, some manufacturers in order to save costs, and even use thin iron plate, there is no anti-theft performance.

4, look at the weight, burglar safe steel plate thick, weight, in terms of 50cm high burglar safe, the weight are more than 50kg, an adult man to move up is very laborious, a 50cm high safe deposit box is about 20kg, or even lighter.

5, look at the outer packaging, burglarproof safe outer packaging printed with the words “burglarproof safe”, the other way around is “safe deposit box”, “safe deposit box”, “collection cabinet” and so on.