Why is it popular for rich people in europe and america to put their money in a safes?

Vintage savings are becoming a fad. It is increasingly popular in Europe and the United States to keep cash and valuables in safes, vaults and bank safes.

European and American businessmen increasingly prefer to use safes.

Businessmen in Europe and the U.S. are increasingly using safe-deposit boxes for reasons such as low bank interest rates, fear of natural disasters, the possibility of an economic crisis, and the fear that wealthy people are storing their cash in safe-deposit boxes.

According to a survey by the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), investment predators generally believe that the global recession will begin before the end of 2020.

In 2015, the underground vault of Hatton Garden in London was robbed and criminals stole $20 million worth from there. Such incidents only increase the demand for safes among the public, and everyone starts looking for more reliable providers.