Considerations for choosing a safe

The size of the safe includes external size, open size, internal size and volume, and refrigerator size is very close to the reference meaning.

The first choice to consider the use of the safe, you buy the main what to put, according to the use and then consider the specific size.

The second is the placement of the safe. Safes are not easy to place in conspicuous places, such as living rooms, restaurants, kitchens and other spaces, usually placed in the more hidden walls or cabinets, generally placed in the bedroom, study, etc., according to the placement location to choose the corresponding length, width and height.

If it is placed in the closet, but also consider the closet load-bearing, to avoid collapse or deformation of the closet.

Anti-theft performance

Anti-theft performance is an important indicator to measure the safe, you can look at the lock, steel thickness and material, especially steel, whether it can withstand the damage of tools such as electric drill, chainsaw, the better the material, the more expensive, the higher the insurance factor.

Safe in the international community has a common recognition standards, the United States generally with UL standards, Europe with EN standards, the domestic certification is 3C, access to these certifications indicate that the safe’s fire and theft resistance are good.

Locking method

The way to open the lock should be convenient and fast but safe and anti-theft, especially gun safes, must be the first time to quickly and accurately open the box. The current market safes are multiple unlocking, generally electronic lock + mechanical lock, electronic lock is convenient and flexible to use, there are fingerprint unlocking, a touch is open, very convenient, this is generally used in gun safes; mechanical lock with a key, there are also mechanical code.


Generally speaking, the same size safe, the heavier the weight, the more expensive, and the higher the insurance factor. The weight of the safe on behalf of the steel is good, hardcore really, anti-theft performance or. The weight is too light, the size of the safe is too small, can not play the role of insurance, thieves can directly carry the safe away.