The history of the safes (II)


From the end of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century, the United Kingdom has sprung up the following well-known safe manufacturers: 1795, E. Tann & Sons 1818, Chubb lock and safe manufacturing factory was established in London, but at that time only the production of locks, and Tann OEM manufacturing boxes and doors, 1836 Chubb in Smithfield, London Cowcross set up its own safe manufacturing factory.


Around 1820, Milner and George Price

1864, Samuel Chatwood,

Hobbs in 1866

Ratner & Hart in 1890


Among them, Chubb, in 1833 registered the patent of anti-theft safes, after the rapid development into the industry’s titan, has been ruling the safe industry for nearly a century, in this 100 years, most of the world-famous enterprises in the financial field, are using Chubb’s products, even in China’s earliest open coastal cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places in the old bank building, can still see Chubb nearly a century of history of the safe.