The history of the safes (VIII)

Until the sixties and seventies of the last century, the safe burglary and fire performance have a real test standard, the Americans to Amsec’s corporate standards as a blueprint, designed the UL burglary and fire standards, and Europe also to UL standards as the main design of the European burglary and fire standards, China’s national standards promulgated in 1989, is also to UL standards for reference and development.

Safe by the 18th-century development to date, the structure of the safe has not changed too much, but cater to different use of the environment and function, but subdivided into countless types, some varieties have even departed from the original box shape, but theft, security is still its basic function.

With the rapid development of the security industry, many long-established manufacturers have become for the operation of diversified security systems. Digital, diversified, three-dimensional security system has entered people’s lives, but the safe is still an important part of the security system, while because of the refinement of the function, the safe more and more widely into the home. The long history of safes will continue.