Can safes be magnetized? Why?

Can safes be magnetized? Why?

The electronic type of safe (including fingerprint) contains electromagnets, when we enter the password or fingerprints energized, the coil on the electromagnet will be energized, thus generating a magnetic field, attracting the other end of the organ open, so that the password \ fingerprint control of the electronic lock can be opened.

So the safe is a magnetic field, but not necessarily magnetized, because the power used is only four 1.5V batteries, its power is too small, the impact on the circuit system is minimal, do not worry about the magnetization problem.

However, it needs to be noted that.

1, items like mechanical watches are not suitable to be placed inside the safe, because the moment you enter the password \ fingerprint to start the electromagnet, the magnetic field will affect these items, and items like mechanical watches, the precision is very high, its magnetic field is enough to affect the magnetism of the hands inside, thus affecting the use of the items.

2, it is recommended not to put high precision, metal-type items, but if you put how to do it? Then find a professional body to demagnetize it, it should be fine.