Which kind of safe locking device is good , how to choose?

With a wide variety of safes, including cash safes, gun cabinets, home, and office safes, under floor safes and wall safes, etc., it is important to choose a safe that is right for you.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a safe, and the lock of the safe is an important consideration. So, what kinds of locks are available for safes, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Safe locks based on different password working principles can be divided into mechanical locks and electronic locks and emerging fingerprint locks and swipe card type password locks, etc.

I. Mechanical locks

Mechanical locks are divided into two types of keyed and coded locks. Insert key has a long history, similar to ordinary locks. Mechanical combination locks usually have a three- to six-digit code and do not require a key.

The advantages of mechanical locks are cheaper, more reliable performance, and easy to use.

The disadvantage of mechanical locks is that locks with keys can sometimes be opened with a wire, and the quality of many combination locks is difficult to meet the standard or even by hand to the password, so security is not yet high.

Second, the electronic lock

The electronic lock is a new type of lock, is the electronic code, IC card and other intelligent control methods of electronic lock applied to the safe (box), in the safe door with a square keyboard, press the password safe door can be opened.

The advantage of the electronic lock is easy to use, not easy to be stolen, etc. In hotels, supermarkets, and other places that need to change the password often electronic locks are widely used.

Electronic password lock has one of the biggest drawbacks is easy to fear damage, if a little external damage can no longer be used, even if the owner of the safe can not open, replacing this lock is also very troublesome, usually the safe will be invalidated.

Third, fingerprint locks and pupil locks

Fingerprint locks and pupil locks are newly developed locks. Their biggest advantage is not easy to be stolen. But fingerprint locks and pupil locks are also almost plastic, more afraid of external damage. Fingerprints are not clear or pupil changes have led to the inability to open properly.

Fourth, swipe card type combination lock

Swipe card type combination lock can use their IC card to open the door of the safe, simple operation, but the requirements of the IC card is relatively high, if and strong magnetic objects in contact, IC card may be magnetic weakening, can not open the combination lock.