The role of anti-magnetic safe and design features

With a variety of office supplies such as audiotapes, magnetic tapes, disks, and other magnetized recorded information more and more, with anti-magnetic, fire, theft and other characteristics of the anti-magnetic cabinet has become a variety of magnetic products the most ideal equipment. An anti-magnetic cabinet not only has a beautiful appearance but also has a large capacity. When the external magnetic field is 7000GS (Gauss), the cabinet magnetic field is not greater than 5GS. together with the anti-magnetic cabinet of detailed knowledge.

An anti-magnetic cabinet testing standards

By the production place belongs to the provincial level above the measurement of scientific research institute issued a test report (i.e. test report) through the anti-magnetic detection, the outside world applied 7000 Gauss magnetic induction strength, cabinet internal magnetic field strength of each face must be less than 5 Gauss.

Second, the role of the anti-magnetic cabinet

Anti-magnetic cabinet for the external magnetic field is too large, the heat source is too strong or a strong source of vibration and other reasons caused by the demagnetization phenomenon, the use of high-quality cold-rolled steel, internal professional anti-magnetic structure design, can effectively shield the magnetic field, blocking the heat source, so that audiotapes, tapes, videotapes, disks, and other data storage more secure and reliable.

Three, anti-magnetic cabinet design features

1、Adopt the overall anti-seismic structure.

2、The cabinet adopts a professional anti-magnetic structure design.

3, concealed door hinges, using anti-pry structure design.

4, top anti-magnetic treatment.

5、Humanized design, beautiful and practical.

6, double moisture protection, dustproof and anti-static.

Fourth, the use of an anti-magnetic cabinet environment

1, although the anti-magnetic cabinet has an outstanding anti-shock function, but also should be far away from the air compressor, diesel engine room, etc.

2, when the environmental humidity is high (relative humidity above 60%), equipped with dehumidification equipment.