Fingerprint safe advantages and disadvantages

A fingerprint safe is a kind of high-tech safe that combines fingerprint identification technology and safe together, using human fingerprint as the password, which has the characteristics of convenience, stability, and uniqueness.


1, security: biological class fingerprint has the characteristics of uniqueness and stability, non-by the permission of the highest authority manager, any individual who does not have a qualified fingerprint can not enter. Therefore, fingerprint safes relative to other categories of safes, a good solution to the problem of others imitation keys to open the door. If you use traditional mechanical safes, you will face the danger of others making their own keys or using special unlocking tools to open the door.

2, convenient: they do not have to bring the key, do not have to keep and carry the key, no need to worry about forgetting to bring the key trouble. Whether the traditional mechanical locks or magnetic card locks, IC card locks to have the trouble of keeping the keys, once lost rekeying the owner will have to spend time and effort to rekey the biological class fingerprint lock safe using automatic fingerprint identification system and fingerprint uniqueness and permanent features to fingerprints instead of traditional keys, which is a major advance in modern technology.

3, powerful: fingerprint locks have many other functions, such as networking functions, open the door record function, remote control, intelligent alarm, multi-person mode, manager level, etc… These functions are very practical and important functions in the complex real world. These are the new changes brought about by IT technology to locks, but also the advantages of traditional locks are not possible. With the strengthening of people’s security consciousness, living standards and needs continue to improve, new features, new needs are constantly emerging, residential, automotive, medium and high-end office buildings and hotels and other industries will develop rapidly, biological electronic locks will bring more convenient to people’s lives.

4, scalable: national government functions security requirements are also improving, which will generate a lot of related needs. For example, the linkage door for the banking system, the three linked doors of the vault, biological class fingerprint gun cabinets, taxation systems, prisons, health care, education systems, examination systems, and so on have special needs; as well as national defense, public security, financial and other systems with high convenience and security of biological class fingerprint products increasingly demanded. These personalized needs are impossible to meet the traditional locks, only biological electronic locks to meet the new needs of mankind continue to emerge.


More expensive; strict requirements for hand dryness and humidity; dull identification of finger placement position.