Safe installation considerations and safer ways to install

Safe before use must be installed and fixed in the wall or other similar hard objects, which is essential for the safe use and play the maximum anti-theft performance. Open safe by hand according to the national standard requirements, safe quality less than 340 kg in the back are fixed installation holes, and with fixed with expansion screws, the user only needs to install fixed safely according to the instructions of the product user manual. Safe installation of fixed safes more secure recommendations are as follows.

1, safe installation fixed before, remove the safe box bottom of the machine feet and the bottom of the safe caster, so that the safe, cabinet installation fixed bottom no gap, to prevent prying safe more effective.

2, the safe must be installed and fixed in the concrete wall, it is best to be responsible for the installation by professionals to ensure the strength and quality of the installation and fixing.

3, choose a suitable, hidden location to install a fixed safe, preferably the left side and back of the safe at the same time against the wall installation fixed, on the prevention of prying, the best anti-theft effect. If you can do furniture cover up outside the safe, to protect the privacy of the safe, security is better.

Safer installation methods:

1, half mosaic masonry wall installation

This method is more common because this method is available after the day in the wall to cut holes, to buy the safe half inlay in the wall inside, and then cement and other adhesives fixed in the wall inside, to prevent the whole was stolen away.

2, full inlay masonry wall installation

This method is more demanding, first of all, to determine not load-bearing walls, and then to build a house wall should determine the approximate size of the safe, set aside the safe position, not brick, and the wall should be thick enough, thickness greater than the thickness of the safe to play the role of hidden safes.

3, screw direct installation

The simplest installation method is to install directly, that is, in accordance with the safe behind or below the hole in the wall with electric drill two holes, and then fixed with expansion screws. The premise is that those two screws bearing force have 800 pounds, only greater than 1600 pounds of force, which greatly increases the difficulty of theft, but this method is directly exposed to the outside, so try to put as little as possible can not bear the consequences of theft.

4, installed in the closet class

Now there are a lot of custom class orders, that is, the customer to the safe custom-made a similar external closet, the interior has a special box size location specifically placed small steel cabinet safe place, also need the same third method with screws fixed, so as to make up for the shortcomings of the direct installation of exposed safes, the installation of such cabinets can ask furniture installers to install at home.