Don’t be careless! A car is not a safe!

In life, many people feel that the car is like their own mobile safe, with so many anti-theft technology applications, how could it be stolen? So feel free to put computers, cell phones, wallets, cash, high-end tobacco and alcohol, expensive jewelry, etc., which gives lawless elements the opportunity to take advantage of. In the theft of car belongings in the crime, there is a widespread problem of car owners will be placed in the car of valuable property at will, or because the owner of the vehicle parked indiscriminately, or leave the vehicle did not turn off, did not take the keys, did not lock the door. In this, Dingfa Safe to remind you to raise awareness:

1. don’t take the car as a safe, avoid the purse cash, and other valuables randomly placed in the back seat of the motor vehicle, trunk, etc., so as to avoid criminals seeing “money” intention, to your belongings vehicle losses.

2. Do not put valuables in the trunk in public places, so as not to arouse the desire of the suspect to steal. Some car owners think it’s okay to leave some worthless items in the car, but in fact, some thieves from the car window to see the seat on the paper bag, cloth bag, will think that there are valuable belongings and smashed the car glass theft.

3. Parking to avoid parking in remote, dark places, it is best to park in manned, tight security measures parked in the parking lot, do not park indiscriminately.

4. Some vehicles are older, or car lock design is relatively simple, in order to achieve the purpose of anti-theft, it is best to install electronic remote control locks and alarms, someone smashed the car, pry the car when the alarm can sound in time.