Home safes are too light really will be moved?

For home safes are too light to be moved away from this issue, is a lot of consumer distress, in fact, home safes can be moved away, and the weight is not directly related, because thieves want to move home safes, even if the weight is very heavy, a few people in partnership can move away, and can be moved away from home safes are mostly because of the installation of the unsoundness of the cause.

Home safe with all-steel structure, so that the burglary tools have nothing to do, multi-door tether design, strong anti-pry, solid door tether, automatic alarm – vibration, movement, three consecutive wrong code automatic alarm (optional Internet automatic alarm), zero-touch intelligent technology, anti-theft design, humane design to eliminate the casters can be abnormal movement of the security risks, double defense of the double lock control device to enhance the security performance of the key parts with a steel plate protection to form an armored protection center.

Home safe installation is not solid thieves can easily move it away, so how can you install the home safes more solid? Find the right place to put the home safe open the home safe, find the two holes reserved from inside the home safe, draw the circle with a pencil, take away the home safe; use the drill to play two holes against the drawn circle (drill bit to choose and buyers with the safe with expansion screws about the same size); move the home safe to a good empty position, the empty back of the home safe to play a good empty. The home safe with expansion screws nailed into it is good. Definitely nail solid, nail after the home safe to see if there is a loose phenomenon, try to see if you can move, if you can not move it means that the installation is very solid.