Never move a safe alone


It is not unwise to keep your valuables in safes to ensure their maximum safety. When you move to a new office location or reorganize the layout of your interior and need to move your safe, a small safe by itself can be moved by one person, but never by one person when it comes to bulky, large-sized safes that are fixed to the wall or floor.


Safes fixed to the wall or floor have to pay attention to wall studs and wires, and sometimes even the building structure involved, while the safe is deep and heavy and may tip over when a person pulls it, or you may have a hard time holding on to it firmly, even if you have strong muscles, you will have a hard time moving it without damaging the safe or hurting yourself in the process. It is recommended that you hire a professional and have specialized equipment like a manual forklift or support straps to avoid any damage to the safe or its contents.