What to consider when installing a safe


When placing a safe, where it is placed is the primary consideration and you must assess what part of the house is suitable for installing your safe.

Installing your safe in an area with low visibility will minimize theft, and a higher area will be the ideal place when it comes to flooding. In the event of a firehouse, the location of the safe should be able to be covered by water in the first place.

After determining the location of the safe, the next step is to decide how the safe will be installed. The safe has a variety of installation methods, can be placed independently, you can fix the safe on the wall or floor, you can also bury the safe in the wall or under the floor, relatively under the floor and the wall safe is buried in the wall or floor, low visibility, higher security.

Overall, it is better to fix the safe with expansion bolts and it is advisable to buy those safes that provide basic quality expansion bolts and installation aids.