When choosing household safe, what should notice

Burglaries, fires, floods, and even earthquakes are common threats to the safety of your valuable property these events happen more often than you think and if you are not prepared you may have to bear the consequences of sacrificing your property, so it is vital to say that you invest in a safe.

The first thing you need to know in a home is what you should put inside your safe: some items that need extra security usually such as important documents, papers, emergency cash, expensive jewelry, artifacts, or collectibles.

After these basic things are confirmed, the next step is how to choose a home safe when you should pay attention to what?

Fire is an unpredictable and common disaster. Fireproof safes have fireproof minerals between the steel plates and high-strength doors and cases, which expand and provide more protection when encountering a firehouse. Good fire protection should be at least 30 minutes, which is enough to help you in the event of a fire. Of course, if you have enough budget, you can choose a higher fireproof rated safe.

Cash Rating
The cash rating refers to the amount of money the safe can cover and is usually used when insurance is needed. This is specified in the description of the safe, usually ranging from $5000 to $500,000.

Theft Protection
A good quality safe is well hidden or fixed in its location, difficult to find, and fixed with expansion bolts fixed kit.

If you are in an area with a high incidence of flooding or a highly humid area, you may want to consider this feature.