Why do I need a safe in my house if I don’t have money at home?

We have been creating Dingfa safes for a long time and found that there are always many people who have the same question. They always think that since there are no valuables in my house and not much cash, I should not need a safe, right?

This is an old concept that most people still have, that home safes are for storing valuable items such as cash, gold jewelry, diamonds, and other high-value items, but what about other things?

Have you ever thought about it? Everyone has personal privacy, and there are always items, documents, and even certificates that we don’t want to share with others, or that we need to store away.

For example, personal items at home passbook, seal, title, account book, and other documents?

Precious photos from your youth, personal diaries, etc., that you don’t want to share with others?

Where do you hide these? Are you hiding them in a locked drawer at home or in a corner under your bed?