The correct way to install a safe on a concrete wall

The weight of the safe is not the most important thing, rather it is how the safe is installed on the wall and how it is fixed that is the most necessary, as long as the burglar cannot move it, it is definitely not that easy for him to destroy it on site!

First: Preparation before installation
Tools to be prepared: 1.
1. cement electric drill – it is recommended that the electric drill should be equipped with a vibrating wall drilling function, which will be better to drill.
2 cement drill – according to the safe fixed hole position to determine the size of the appropriate drill bit.
3. Expansion screw – according to the fixed hole position of the fuse box to choose a suitable screw hole diameter, just the right size.
4. hammer
5. plate hand
6. dust collector

Second: Installation location and space confirmation
It is recommended that the safe should be installed on a concrete wall. As long as the wall is strong enough, the safe will not be easily damaged by external forces after installation.

Third: Safe installation method
There are at least two installation holes on the back of the safe and the corresponding expansion bolts will be attached.

Start the installation according to the following installation steps.

●First, drill holes on the wall with the exact distance between the two fixed holes of the safe.

●Use the electric drill, the cement bit must be selected with the same outer diameter of the expansion screw, and then drill the holes directly on the wall with good marks, the depth of the holes must be the same as the length of the screw. (Avoid the depth is too shallow will have the expansion screw cap head protrude oh)

●Align the holes on the back of the safe with the drilled holes in the wall.

● Turn the screw at the bottom of the expansion screw slightly, without over-tightening it. (Avoid the possibility of not turning tightly when the screw is loosened when inserted into the hole).

●Insert the expansion screw set directly into the drilled hole from inside the safe. (Do not loosen the screw)

●Then tap the hammer on the top screw of the expansion screw, so that the whole expansion screw can be inserted into the hole. (It must be tapped completely to be fixed effectively).

● Turn the upper screw of the expansion screw tightly with the movable plate.

●Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the cement dust under the nearby drill, and you are done!

This way, the wall of the safe is fixed!