Pick the things you must know before buying a safe!

1. After purchasing a safe, what items are expected to be placed for storage?
The purpose is to facilitate the future in the selection of the size of the safe, you can clearly inform the safe manufacturer of the size of the internal space you need so that the sale and recommendation of the safe more clearly understand your needs, more recommended safe size and recommendations.

2. Where can you place the safe in your home that is most suitable and private?
After you know the important items you need to store in the safe, then it is to find a suitable location for the safe to store the item’s size. However, nowadays, most of the family space, especially in areas with high population density, can hardly have space to place a large safe like in the past when it was still an agricultural society, so when urban people buy a safe, most of them place it inside the bedroom closet to reduce the waste of space at home.

3. Is it really necessary to install the safe/fasten the safe to the wall?
The electronic coded safes in homes nowadays are very different from the traditional safes in terms of operation and size of the safes. Nowadays, there are hundreds of safe sizes and colors, regardless of the brand of the safe or the function of the safe. Regardless of the difference in the brand and function of the safe, most of the home safes are of lighter design and the weight of the safe is not as heavy as the previous fireproof safes, so the installation of the safe and the fixing of the wall of the safe is absolutely necessary.

Is the safe installed in a closet/wooden cabinet?
If your default placement is in your home wood cabinet or closet, it is necessary to check whether the safe has already reserved screw holes inside the cabinet before you buy the safe. If it is necessary to fix the safe on the concrete wall or directly screw in the wooden cabinet of the closet, it will be more convenient to install and fix the safe. The guardian safe, regardless of the size of the safe, will reserve screw holes in the back and bottom of the safe for future customers to use when installing and fixing the safe.