Why the safe must use alkaline batteries?

People often ask, “Why can’t I open the safe even though the combination is correct? Is it a faulty safe or a defective one?

In fact, the battery of the safe is very important, must use alkaline batteries, while the ordinary zinc-carbon battery does not have enough power to open the safe, so must use alkaline batteries.

Having said that, why does the general battery of the safe become unable to open it? This has to start from the difference between the structure of the safe and the commercially available batteries ~

The difference between general batteries and alkaline batteries
First of all, we should first understand the structure of the safe, then we can clearly know why the safe must use alkaline batteries, here we won’t explain more!

Types of home batteries: zinc-carbon batteries, alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries

Even if the battery type is the same, but the positive and negative electrodes use different substances, the output voltage and current are different, the user will also be different, thus affecting the normal life of the battery.

General categories of batteries.
●Zinc carbon battery: A zinc-carbon battery is a low-power supply battery with an average voltage of about 1.5V. If the power consumption of the appliance is small and the usage time is not long, then a zinc-carbon battery is very suitable. However, it should be noted that the zinc-carbon batteries available on the market are disposable and are not recommended for use in the second charge. If zinc carbon batteries are placed at high temperatures or used for a long time, they will be more prone to leakage than other batteries, and the outer case will gradually become thinner and more dangerous.

●Alkaline batteries: Compared with zinc-carbon batteries, the output power of alkaline batteries is higher, and the voltage of new alkaline batteries can reach 1.7V. It is recommended to use alkaline batteries for appliances that consume a lot of power and need to be started quickly or used for a long time. For example, the solenoid valve in a safe is a product with higher output power.

In recent years, the performance and effectiveness of alkaline batteries have been greatly improved. It is important to note that alkaline batteries are more active and therefore self-discharge more quickly. If you do not use it for a long time, please remember to take out the alkaline battery and store it properly to avoid affecting the use of the appliance when leakage occurs.

● Rechargeable batteries: Considering that disposable batteries are not environmentally friendly, secondary batteries, or rechargeable batteries, have emerged on the market one after another. The voltage of rechargeable batteries is about 1.2V-1.4V, and there are two common types: nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries. That is batteries that can be reused by recharging after being discharged.

Lastly, the fuse box needs to close the door through the magnetism of the solenoid valve in order to turn the bolt, so it needs high current output to open the fuse box. Therefore, the safe is suitable for the use of alkaline batteries Oh!

Of course, the battery has a service life, it is recommended to open the safe from time to time, activate the battery, and replace the battery at least once a year!