China “burglarproof safe (box)” new standard interpretation

China “burglarproof safe (box)” new standard interpretation

With the development of science and technology and processing capacity, China has become a large safe production country, more than 70% of the world’s burglarproof safes (boxes) are produced in China, in order to meet the development needs, GB 10409-2001 “burglarproof safes” and GA 166-2006 “burglarproof safes” combined and revised to GB 10409-2019 “burglarproof safes (boxes), this new mandatory national standard GB 10409-2019 “burglarproof safe (box)” on May 1, 2020 implementation.

The new standard has the following seven major changes in content.

First, the expansion of the range of types of anti-theft insurance, including ordinary anti-theft safes, assembled anti-theft safes, input anti-theft safes, self-service teller machine anti-theft safes, and anti-theft safes. In this regard, the standard clearly provides for all types of safes (boxes) weaknesses in the test method of resistance to damage.

Second, this standard emphasizes the security of burglary, other features (such as fire, anti-magnetic, waterproof, moisture, radiation, alarm, monitoring, networking, etc.) additional should not reduce the security level of burglary safes (boxes).

Third, according to the actual use of demand, put forward a new concept, part of the level of burglary safe cabinet door surface can be higher than the remaining five sides of a level of protection, such as wall embedded in the use of special installation of a burglary safe (box).

Fourth, increased the level of a burglary safe (box), and modified the product identification. Level from the original A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C six levels modified to A10, A15 × 1, A15, A30 × 1, A30, B15, B30 × 1, B30, B60, B90, C60, C90, and other twelve levels, of which “× 1” on behalf of the cabinet door surface protection performance higher than the cabinet decent a level of products. Level code letters in the letter represent the category of tools used in the damage test, the number represents the level of burglar safe (box) resistance to damage test the minimum networking time.

Fifth, a separate provision of the burglarproof safe (box) on the use of anti-theft locking requirements, clearly stipulates that the lock should have a latch, and the latch should be able to withstand axial 980N and lateral 1470N or more pressure, the lock actuator should not use electromagnet drive and lock. This is the biggest change, the current market safes (boxes) more than 90% do not meet the requirements.

Sixth, the revised product identification. Product identification by the burglar safe code (FDG), security level, burglar safe lock categories (mechanical locks with J, electronic locks with D), cabinet height (in centimeters), and enterprise product code, and other five parts.

Seventh, clearly specify the performance parameters of the tool of destruction, so that the repeatability of the test increased, the standard operability greatly enhanced.