Another electric car charging fire accident – safety and security can’t be overemphasized!

Another electric car charging fire accident – safety can’t be overemphasized!

In the case of ensuring your own safety, you can also choose a safe with excellent fire prevention technology to protect your belongings intact!

On September 20, 2021, a district in Tongzhou caused a fire due to the indoor charging of electric bicycles. The fire started in a 5-story building, of which the 4th and 5th floors were duplex structures. 3 floors caught fire and quickly spread to the 4th-floor balcony, and leaped to the living room and 5th-floor bedroom. The burned resident’s home was almost turned into rubble, and after searching the scene, five people were found in the fifth-floor room, but there were no signs of life.

The cause of the fire was initially judged to be – a 3-story tenant brought home a lithium battery for an electric bicycle to charge, and the battery exploded and caught fire.

Why electric bikes are easy to catch fire?

1. Overcharging

In general, electric bikes can be charged for about 8 hours to meet the needs of users. If it is charged for too long, it will make the battery bulge, heat up or even cause the battery to explode.

2. Line aging

If the electric car is used for too long, the connection lines in the car will also be easy to loosen, aging, resulting in poor contact, short circuit or leakage. If the vehicle wiring failure, the resulting high temperature is easy to ignite the vehicle saddle and decorative plastic parts.

How to prevent electric car fire?
1. Strengthen daily self-examination and self-inspection

In daily use, strengthen the electrical components of electric vehicles, lines and other aspects of inspection, to prevent poor contact caused by heat, fire, to avoid line wear, aging and cause poor contact, short circuit or leakage and other faults occur.

2. Keep away from flammable and explosive items

When charging an electric car, do not charge it in the living room or stairwell or walkway. When charging elsewhere, carefully check and clean up the flammable and combustible items stacked nearby to prevent the electric car from igniting nearby items and causing a bigger fire when the fire starts.

How should we save ourselves in case of fire?

1、When a fire occurs, do not panic, keep in mind the following fire prevention essentials to avoid or reduce injuries.

2、Evacuate from the building

Try to escape downward rather than upward, do not take the elevator, you can use indoor walking stairs or fire elevator. Do not panic, do not jump blindly, fully expose yourself to be easily found and wait for rescuers to rescue you.

3、Prevent the spread of fire

Keeping the door closed will prevent the fire from spreading. If it is possible to have conditions, water to flush the door can play a fire insulation effect.

4、Shut off the gas and call for help

It is very easy to cause gas explosion in a fire, so in case of fire, you should immediately turn off the main gas switch and call the relevant department. If your home is a liquefied gas tank, you should close the main valve and get as far away from the source of the fire, the fire as possible.

5、Try to extinguish the fire

When the fire is small, you can use water or other fire extinguishing agents to control and extinguish the fire in a timely manner with the correct fire extinguishing method.

Note: In the case of ensuring their own safety, you can also choose a fireproof safe to protect the safety of important belongings!