In the fire-prone autumn and winter season, your essential safety knowledge

In the fire-prone autumn and winter season, your essential safety knowledge

Autumn and winter season, the weather gradually become dry and cold, coupled with the use of electricity, gas, fire phenomena significantly increased, if the operation is not careful or improper use, it is very easy to cause fire accidents.

Fire prevention tips for the autumn and winter season

Prevent electrical fires at all times

Once the electrical wiring short circuit, overload, poor contact and other faults, it is easy to ignite the surrounding combustible materials and start a fire; families in the use of electric stoves, electric mattresses, electric heaters, electric irons, electric kettles and other electric heating appliances, such as improper use or the quality of the equipment itself, also easy to cause a fire. Therefore, we remind everyone that electrical wiring and equipment should not be overloaded, not “sick” work to avoid fire.

Inspection of household appliances and maintenance of liquefied cooking appliances

Household appliances should be checked before use and maintained after use. And placement should be moisture, sun, ventilation, away from flammable, explosive materials; such as household appliances or electrical wiring fire, first of all, to cut off the power, and then fire extinguishers or water to put out the fire, not with electricity directly splashed water to prevent electric shock or electrical explosion injury. In addition, liquefied gas stove to pay attention to the usual maintenance, once the pipe breakage leakage to repair in a timely manner. In the use of gas, liquefied gas forget to close the valve, or private gas backflow and gas leakages, such as open flame, open electrical sparks, or static electricity will explode.

Prevention is better than cure, be prepared!

Configure a safe at home with excellent fire prevention technology, and store your valuables inside the safe to protect them and maximize the loss from fire.