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Home “safe storage experts” – Safes

It is very important to set up multiple security barriers in the new house renovation, from doors and windows to indoor monitoring, and then to burglary, fire and waterproof safes, etc., layer by layer reinforcement, shaping a safe home environment. However, most people only in the security doors, security windows and other large aspects of security, often ignore the importance of the safe, that the safe is superfluous. But most of the burglaries or sudden home fires, the most able to protect the home valuables or the neglected “safe”.

In addition, the practicality of the safe is also a “collection of treasure”, in the home security plays an important role.


Safes can prevent theft

Why do you need to install a safe at home? I believe that many people’s first response is “anti-theft”. Yes, some valuable items at home such as gold and silver jewelry, watches, a collection of small antiques, etc., stored in a safe is a good way, but this is limited to their own living environment is relatively safe.

For less secure areas, the safe is not a panacea, you need to find a more secure way of storage, such as banks. Because the bank not only has a burglarproof safe, there are a variety of anti-theft equipment, anti-theft vault doors, etc., the security is naturally safer than the home safe alone.


Safes can fire

In the new era, the use of safes is no longer limited to the storage of jewelry, gold and silver and other valuables, storage of some important bills, certificates, documents, and contract information is also very convenient and common. Many people have to buy insurance for their house, once the fire how can you ensure the safety of your insurance policy? If you habitually put the insurance policy in fireproof safe storage, you will not be caught off guard and pay out of pocket to bear all the losses of the house burning down.

Not only documents, everyone should have a lot of old photos developed at home, although the film is no longer popular, photos are also still memories, such important documents and valuables deserve a high quality safe to protect them from external damage.

Such high-quality safes are never made by “bragging”, but by production. Since its inception, Dingfa safe has always adhered to strict production standards, especially the use of fire-resistant materials research and development and fire design, to ensure that consumers can use the fireproof safe that can really withstand the high-temperature fire.