Fall and winter electrical fires are frequent, prevention of “fire” can not be delayed

Fall and winter electrical fires are frequent, prevention of “fire” can not be delayed

Since the beginning of winter, the temperature around the increasingly low. Into November, many homes of electric ovens, electric heaters, small sun, electric blankets, hand warmers, and other heating devices have come into play. These warming tools bring us warmth at the same time, but also make the home electricity steeply increased, bringing fire safety hazards.

The Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management released a report on the national fire situation from January to October 2021. The data shows that in terms of fire types, the number of electrical fires still tops the list, accounting for as much as 50.4%!

Early in the morning of November 25, 2020, a household in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, accidentally started a fire due to the use of an electric oven and the house burned down, but fortunately, the fire department arrived in time to put out the fire, which did not cause casualties.

Prevention of electrical fires can not be delayed: 1.

1, the choice of appropriate protection devices, improve short circuit protection, leakage protection, overload protection, and grounding protection measures.

2, the choice of suitable electrical wiring; laying specifications; reliable connection; use in line with the requirements.

3, the choice of qualified electrical equipment; installation and protection measures are reliable; the use of the standard.

4、Regularly check the insulation performance, the function of electrical components, and the condition of the equipment, especially the reliability of short-circuit protection and overload protection.

5、Do not use heating equipment for a long time in winter, and electric blankets and electric heaters should be turned off at night when you sleep. When using high-powered electrical appliances, someone should be on guard, so that people leave the power off.

At the same time, prevention is not “burning”, an indispensable measure: the placement of a fireproof safe, we can guarantee their own safety premise at the same time to ensure the safety of valuable things, is not this a win-win situation?